Grieving w Frame


Claire’s life work has been closely related to the realm of Death and trauma.

Her desire to change how we see Death and her ability to open a clear relationship

to and from the death realm makes her a helpful guide through this particular time.

She hopes to help anyone who would need her on their journey.

This includes accompanying survivors before, during or after the death of their

loved ones or anyone presented with the issue of their own Death.

For this practice, Claire uses any of her “healing tools” – craniosacral, acupuncture,

meditation, emotional energy release as well as writing, journaling and story telling.




“You may think that you will have died too. You may think that there will never be a

place for you any longer. You have lost. Played the dice and lost. You may feel

ashamed, guilty that what was entrusted to you, you let die. You could imagine that

only bad people loose their loved ones.

I have felt all of it. I have felt it at the age of 10. I felt it at the age of 40 again. I

collapsed, bent over and let myself spiral away.

The difference is that at 10 it took me 20 years to come back and at 40, while I

collapsed I never lost sight of my Self. During the worst of all my nightmare, just like

the child in the Grimm fairytale, I tried to make sure that I would know the way back

even in the middle of the night in a dark forest, with a half hidden moon.

For that little bit of insight, I thank my little 10 year old child spirit. She accompanied

me at all times and knew that all those mistakes that had been made in the past could

not be repeated again. Because of that I allowed myself to use child spirit in many

decisions. Child spirit is an effective way to come to the source of the difficulty that

Death causes to many of us. It has a certain truth to it, it is playful and sad. It can go

through emotions with more freedom and does not feel confined in a role. Death can be

met crying and laughing. It can be difficult and simple. As adult we loose the paradoxal

view of what Life is made of. Child spirit encompasses all, leaves nothing behind.

I want to pass it on to you. A little booklet, an adventure, a different way to see Death

and dying. While we could talk on and on about the process and use language to name

each phase, I want to take your hand and visit with you some of the places you are visiting.

Some of them may be scary but some of them will give the most beautiful gift of feeling

alive. Because when you really meet Death, Life is not simply dull and horrible. It also gets

more present and more precious.”


Excerpt from If Death Knocked at my Door, Claire Isabelle Fradin 2016



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