Alex's Picture
2/28/1954 – 11/18/2014

Alex Tiberi was a student of traditional Asian philosophy, arts, and sciences since his teens. His initial training in traditional Asian Medicine was through an apprenticeship with a 6th generation Korean practitioner, and he was in clinical practice for over 30 years.

Alex was the co-founder of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, which has branches in San Diego, New York, and Chicago. He lectured internationally on various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medical including pediatrics, nourishing life (Yang Sheng), orthopedics, Korean acupuncture, etc. He regularly lead study groups to China, was a student of Buddhism for over 30 years, practiced Japanese Shugendo, Tibetan astrology, and a number of martial disciplines including horseback archery, jousting, aikido, and kendo.

Alex remains a true mentor of Shaman Hill. His joy for Life and his dedication to self-mastery were one of a kind. He stays at the very center of our teachings and in our daily dedication.

We cannot express how much his knowledge has changed our lives, how his love has opened our hearts and how is joy has participated in making us more alive.

We are blessed and forever grateful.
Thank You, Alex.