Claire Healing

Claire is the founder and director of Shaman Hill, Traditional Arts and Healing Center, NC. Claire practices Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Pharmacology, CranioSacral and Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) to help her patients heal their physical, emotional and spiritual body. Perceiving healing as an opportunity for self-discovery, she hopes to help her patients create ownership and self-actualization in their lives. She works with adults and kids, including newborns.Her work in acute and chronic physical pain has prevented many from invasive surgery. Claire is passionate about finding and applying modalities that work and truly help heal her patients.

Claire studied Acupuncture and Chinese herbs at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, at Daoist Traditions College of Medical Arts (NC) and under the mentorship of Alex Tiberi, LAc. She also studied CranioSacral at IPSB, San Diego as well as at the Milne Institute in San Francisco. She is specialized in working with infants and adults. Her work on newborns in San Diego and in Asheville has allowed many babies to find relief without invasive procedures for ailments like difficulty nursing, failure to thrive, colics and digestive issues, as well as helping to reshape the cranium after hydrocephalis. She is a Certified Structural Energetic Therapist (CSET) and is trained in Emotional Energy Release through breath work.

Part of her life work has been closely related to the realm of Death and trauma. This includes accompanying survivors before, during or after the death of their loved ones or anyone presented with the issue of their own Death. Her desire to change how we see Death and her ability to open a clear relationship to and from the death realm makes her a helpful guide through this particular time. She hopes to help anyone who would need her on their journey. She is passionate about writing and story telling as methods of introspection and self-healing. She combines her love for the inner world and inner work with a true love for horse riding and mounted archery as methods of self-expression and self-mastery.