Classes by Nur Christopher Fryar:

Class space is limited and all offerings require approval and RSVP:



Horse Presence

Reflective, small group learning space that applies traditional wisdom practices as a foundation for natural horsemanship. Taught as both a weekly series and stand-alone workshops. Groups formed based on schedule and experience.



Centaur Mentorship (home-schoolers age 8-12)

History-spun, imagination-flexing explorations of traditional arts and wisdom pathways from around the world.

Wind Horse Crew (age 8 – 14)

A charmed and safe space for students to learn foundational horse skills with an emphasis on relationship to the horses, each other, and themselves.


Fire Squires (home-schoolers age 12 and up)

Learning adventures in the humanities for older home-schoolers. Lore, horsemanship, craft, and martial-arts wring deep consideration of myth and history.