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Craniosacral is a gentle technique that allows access to areas of the body that are

restricted. Those can be in the soft tissue, muscles, or skeleton.

Holding the body at particular places, a Craniosacral practitioner can feel the movement

of the body fluids as they moves between the brain and the sacrum as well as the

movement of the bones as they oscillate in rhythmic patterns. From that point of

awareness, the practitioner can support the body to find a new energetic pattern that

allows the restrictions to clear.




CranioSacral is used for :

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Emotional Difficulties

• Headaches and Migraines

• TMJ and Jaw Disorders

• Dental Misalignments

• Pain from Braces

• Brain Injuries

• Sequela of Stroke

• Myofascial Pain

• Stress Related Disorders

• Ear Ringing

• Dizziness and Vertigo

• Postural Imbalances

• Fibromyalgia

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Asthma

• Digestive Problems

• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

• Tendonitis

• Neurological Conditions

• Sleep Problems


Craniosacral Therapy for Newborn and Children:

Babies are particularly responsive to Craniosacral. The gentleness of the technique combined with the elasticity of the baby overall body and particularly cranium makes it very effective.As a practitioner, I have seen many children suffering from “failure to thrive” due to a suckling problem. CranioSacral is one of the best tool in these cases.

Some conditions common to newborns that may be prevented or improved by applying.

CranioSacral Therapy:

• Colic

• Vomiting

• Hearing problems

• Motor problems

• Seizures

• Failure to thrive syndrome

• Strabismus

• Pylorospasm

• Cerebral palsy

• Erb’s palsy

• Klumpke’s palsy

• Torticolitis

• Chronic otitis

• Dyslexia

• Aphasia

• Hyperkinetic behavior

• Spasticity

• Down’s Syndrome

• Autism

• Hydrocephalus

• Abnormal fears

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