Claire Fradin

Claire combines her skills of energetic healing with her understanding of how we all long for a deeper connection to Nature. Through the study of Chinese Medicine, CranioSacral, Asian Martial Arts and Liberal Arts, Claire has dedicated her life to introspection. Her teachings mix the different modalities she has learned throughout the years and allows high-level skills to become a tool for self-discovery and spiritual development. Using Shaman Hill’s incredible natural surroundings, any class that Claire teaches is an opportunity for students to thrive in discovering themselves and deepening their appreciation of our true relationship to Nature.



 Nur Christopher Fryar

Chris crafts learning encounters that have encouraged hundreds of students ages 3 – 74 to adventure into themselves and towards an ever-more-subtle identity of compassionate contribution. His work is deeply informed by nature, the humanities, and his extensive apprenticeships in traditional arts – Sufism with Himayat Inayati (John Johnson) and Horseback Archery with Alex Tiberi, mentors who both were pioneers in holistic education. He homesteads nearby with his partner and their children. 



Phil Ferguson

Phil Ferguson is the leader of The Wandering Swordsmen, an organization dedicated to the facilitation and growth of padded full contact combat sports, also known as boffing. He started training in boffer swordplay in 2006, started the Asheville team and community in 2011, and has been teaching professionally since February 2014. Currently he teaches at many schools and festivals around Asheville, as well as weekly by donation at Carrier Park on Sundays, and travels to national events to compete numerous times throughout the year. His goal is to travel the world with The Wandering Swordsmen to help professionalize the sport, while using his training methods to teach people how to engage in compassionate combat, and by doing so help humanity learn how to resolve conflict more effectively.



Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill (Jenna) is an Artist local to Asheville, NC as well as the Media Director of Shaman Hill. She has been training in Traditional Horse Arts and Mounted Archery since her discovery of Alex Tiberi’s teachings in July 2012. A devoted horsewoman for the majority of her life, she strives to communicate the inspiring beauty and harmony of a natural relationship with horses, most especially when combined with a development of inner balance through artistic and meditative practices. It is her belief that through these pursuits, we can more easily empathize with others and use our self discovery to better the world.


Lori Araki

Lori Araki is a gifted and talented horsewoman with over 25 years of experience in the horse industry. Lori continues to work with horses and riders in numerous capacities, from starting colts and training horses to readying riders for competition to facilitating therapeutic riding programs. Her personal and professional experience in the disciplines of dressage, jumping, preparing horses for racing and therapeutic riding lends itself to a solid understanding of horses and horsemanship, a foundation which she draws upon in all of her teaching and mentoring. As such, she specialises in supporting riders of all ages and abilities develop lasting relationships with their horses and building on their skills to foster both competence and confidence. Lori is further certified through both PATH International and EAGALA, ad has completed training for Trauma Focused-Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.
Lori is available at Shaman Hill to teach riding, provide equine programs to schools and groups and consulting.